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Designer Introduced a Tesla Model X in the Form of a Large Minivan

Tesla vehicles inspire not only connoisseurs of eco-friendly cars, but designers too.

A young car enthusiast Joshua T. experimented with the Tesla Model X crossover’s appearance. He raised a roof line giving more space for third-row passengers and, possibly, additional seats. Simply put, the Model X has become a minivan, albeit without sliding doors.

Interestingly, the author of this design sketch is only 14 years old. Joshua T is an artist, a creator and author of

The author used a free online photo editing tool. It makes it easy to stretch or resize the image. To give the body a reality, the young designer used Autodesk Sketchbook, added new wheels and a roof rack, removed the door leaves.

Joshua T called his creation the Tesla Model XL (very large). Although it may not look as sporty as the Model X, the render vehicle is more practical and better suited for longer trips.

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