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Demand For Stylish Toyota C-HR Considerably Increased In U.S.

Last month, the Toyota C-HR showed good sales result in the USA. This stylish SUV not only became the best in March, but also set its own record for the first quarter.

According to Toyota, the demand for the C-HR in the United States in March 2019 exceeded sales in March 2018 by 8%. It is a significant growth for the huge American car market.

Why is the Toyota C-HR gaining popularity in the country?  In our opinion, the reason is a good price/quality/equipment combination, plus the unique sporty appearance.

The SUV is offered in three trim levels on the US car market: LE (from $20.995), XLE (from $23.030), Limited ($26.050). Even the C-HR base configuration includes a dual zone automatic climate control system with pollen filtration, an 8-inch touchscreen display and a LED Daytime Running Lights cluster.

Critics of the model say that only the driver and the front passenger feel comfortable in the cabin. In general, it is true. But the Toyota C-HR has never been positioned as a family car, but for young buyers it can perfectly highlight tastes and personality.


As for other Toyotas on sale in the USA in March, the 4Runner added 6.4%, the Tacoma sales grew up to 12.6% (for both it was the best-ever March and first quarter).

Toyota Motor North America sold 185,698 vehicles in total last month, of which 33,166 units are mostly the new-generation Toyota RAV4. The first quarter result is 543,716 units.

If we talk about sales of the Japanese brand as a whole, then the figures sank both in March and in the Q1 – by 5 and 6%, respectively.

Source: Toyota Motor North America

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