Deliveries of Some Ford Broncos Delay Due to Production Problems

2021 Ford Bronco 4-door image

Quality issues in the Bronco’s assembly are pursuing Ford. As a result, sales of the SUV were relatively weak in July.

The Ford Bronco entered the US market in June 2021. 800 units sold in the first month of sales are not indicative. However, in July, 3,277 people received their Broncos – less than the Escape or EcoSport crossovers sold.

Therefore, production problems and related delivery delays of the promising model are annoying and alarming.

This time, Ford has announced the need to replace roofs on some Bronco vehicles. The problem does not affect functionality but spoils the SUV’s appearance.

The fixes will cause a delay for customers who have already ordered a Bronco, according to Ford’s spokesperson.

Ford has clarified that hardtop roofs on some vehicles do not meet the brand’s standards. The roofs, we recall, are made by the German supplier Webasto Group.

Customer deliveries of the soft-top Ford Broncos will be without delay…so far.

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