Daimler Shared the News About the Mercedes-Benz EQS

Daimler Shared the News About the Mercedes-Benz EQS

Daimler chairman Ola Källenius has told to shareholders about the upcoming electric fragship.

According to WLTP test, the model will be able to cover 435 miles (700 km) on a single charge, and this is an impressive figure.

The EQS (S-Class’s all-electric sibling) still has to be EPA rated, to get a more objective picture.

The average ratio WLTP/EPA is 1.121 with a standard deviation of 0.092. If Mercedes-Benz wants to beat Tesla in terms of range, and we know the German automaker does want, the EQS should pass more distance than the longest-range Tesla Model S until the battery full discharge. The latter has the EPA rating of 402 miles.

Daimler’s subsidiary Accumotive will produce the battery packs for the EQS at the Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim Plant.

The battery of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept (pictured) has a capacity of 100 kW. You can charge it from a 350-kW charger. Therefore, the production car will probably have the same.

One more important news is that this electric luxury sedan will be the first Mercedes to adopt the brand’s EVA all-electric architecture.

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