Customers Note Some Quality Problems with Their Ford Broncos

2022 Ford Bronco 4-door image

The Ford Bronco deliveries have been underway since mid-June. A number of owners who have already taken delivery of their vehicles are reporting some quality problems.

The model launch is fraught with difficulties related to semiconductor chip shortage and the availability of hardtop roofs. Unfortunately, the hardtop manufacturer Webasto is currently unable to supply enough quantity to satisfy demand in full. Therefore, Ford had to push back build dates or offer an alternative way to customers.

And that’s not all the problems.

Bronco6G forum’s visitors complained about the unsatisfactory quality of hardtop roofs. They called such problems as the headliner that separated from the roof, raw edges, cavities, fiberglass sticking out of the roof panel, the poor finish of snakeskin or honeycomb texture.

One more issue – improperly secured panels above the wheel wells. They stick up so far the screw bodies are seen.  

These early quality issues aren’t uncommon. Ford just started to produce the Bronco. The hope is that over time the automaker will eliminate flaws, and later Broncos will be of better quality.

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