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Customers Have Lined Up to Order the BMW i4 M50

The BMW i4 M50 is a success. The company believes this version will be its highest volume M product.

The BMW i4 is in high global demand, beyond expectations, and it has the potential to become one of the brand’s most successful products ever.

The automaker is readying to ramp up the i4’s production in 2023 and is assigning six Gigafactories now.

We will not be mistaken to say that the i4 M50 is a true BMW and the most exciting vehicle of the entire i4 Grand Coupe lineup, which also includes the i4 eDrive40 and i4 eDrive35.

The BMW i4 M50 is fast (needs 3.9 sec to accelerate from 0 to mph) and potent (packs 536 hp and 586 lb-ft from a dual-motor electric system). The motors get power from an 80.7 kWh battery pack.

The car’s driving range is 227 miles according to an EPA test, and, with 20” wheels, it can be even more in real conditions – up to 268 miles, as shown by lately independent tests.

The base BMW i4 M50 costs from $65,900 in the United States.

What We Think About the BMW i4

This is a good car with engaging handling and powertrains, quick acceleration, and a decent driving range of up to 300 mi, but not without shortcomings.

A small trunk and back seat, lacking steering feedback, and a so-so cabin compared to some other luxury rivals are the car’s weak spots.

You can consider Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range or Model S instead. The Model 3 offers 50 miles longer range and still saves your money. The Model S is much more expensive of course than the i4, but you’ll receive 100 miles more, 670 hp, and all-wheel drive, plus more space for passengers and cargo.

The Polestar 2 has a bit shorter driving range of 249-265 miles but a larger cargo compartment, and a significantly more affordable price than the BMW i4.

Source: BMW Blog

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