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Coronavirus Contributes in Development of Car Shopping Online

Auto dealers have to adopt online shopping tools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Car sales have declined since the coronavirus outbreak took hold of the world. Dealerships predominantly were not ready for massive online shopping. 

As customers are self-isolated during the pandemic and are not  everywhere allowed to visit showrooms, the traders have rushed to provide online shopping.

The research of the used car dealer Carvana reveals that 97 percent of buyers already use the Internet to search for a vehicle, and 75 percent would consider purchasing a car online.

To make physical contacts between persons minimal, Carvana has created no-contact pick-up delivery systems. If a customer chooses home delivery, he/she signs a contract, while the delivery driver awaits in the truck outdoor, then drops the contract in the mailbox, and the driver picks it up.

Such companies as Roadster help car dealers to sell online. Roadster is working with dealers to set up the car-buying process for a no-contact world. The tools offered by this company allow dealers to track a buyer’s shopping journey.

When a customer finally makes a phone call or goes to the showroom for a deal, the salesperson can use the customer’s name and e-mail address to check which vehicles and loan terms he/she researched before coming in.

According to Roadster’s estimates, only about 20 percent of auto dealerships had any online shopping tools before the coronavirus pandemic. Now the situation is changing dramatically.

For the first time in decades, the companies like Carvana and Roadster are changing the car sales model. Today retailers have the opportunity to provide new models for test drive and customer communication, which would shift from a temporary stage to a permanent one after the pandemic.

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