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Bronco Sport Or Bronco Scout? – A Small Ford SUV Spotted

The new Ford crossover will share the platform with the Escape.

Two bright debuts in the SUV segment – a new-generation Land Rover Defender and a revived Ford Bronco – will soon take place. Prototypes of the both have repeatedly become prays of photographers.

However, there is one more intrigue for the Bronco: it is called the “baby Bronco”.

In fact, it is an independent model that shares the platform with the Ford Escape, but will be more compact. The latest shots of the baby Bronco are high quality and clear. They let appreciate the small SUV concept to the full.

It’s too early to talk about the official name. Ford recently filed two applications for registration of the Bronco Sport and the Bronco Scout names. It does not matter which name it’ll finally get.

Bronco Sport Or Bronco Scout?

Although in the pictures a small Bronco travels off the road, you should not expect a serious all-terrain capability. The model will likely have an unibody construction.

Off-roader… almost

Ford may offer a four-wheel drive transmission, but this will not change a concept of the city car.

Apparently, the Bronco Sport or the Bronco Scout will be officially presented before the original Bronco.

The vehicle, as we can see, already looks like a pre-production prototype. The official premiere may hold in 2020.

Source: Car and Driver

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