Vehicle color Is a Key Factor in Decision to Purchase a Car

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe image

A recent study shows the importance of vehicle color in making the decision to buy a car.

Axalta made a study of automotive color preferences. 4,000 potential buyers from top auto-manufacturing nations, such as the USA, Germany, China, Mexico, were surveyed. 88 percent of respondents said that paint color is a key factor in their solution to purchase a car. Specific preferences vary by country.

30% of surveyed U.S. residents chose the black color as their favorite. Then white follows with 15%, blue with 14%, gray with 13%. The same group responded that the color of their current vehicle was the following: black – 21%, gray – 16%, white – 15%, and silver -14%.

The results of the survey in China are as follows: white – 29%, black -26%. Color is a greater priority in China than in other markets:  99 percent of Chinese respondents said it was an important factor for them in the choice of a vehicle to buy. 64 percent claimed they were ready to change a manufacturer if it did not offer their favorite color.

22 percent of Mexicans, both male and female, chose red as their favorite. 90 percent said color was a key factor. 4/10 consumers will change an automaker to obtain their beloved car paint.

Germans preferred black for its elegance (37%) and blue (16%). The data of current ownership showed that 27 percent of respondents owned a compact black vehicle. Vehicle color was an important factor for 83 percent of German motorists.

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