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Classic Mini Cooper Turned Into Electric Car Priced Like A Luxury Model

The British Swindon Powertrain company reworked a classic Mini car and introduced it as the all-electric Swind E Classic Mini at the 2019 London Classic Car Show taking place these days (February 14-17).

Only 100 units of the Swind E Classic Mini EV will be sold. This special edition is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of MINI. Frankly, the car is a limited offer not only because of its quantity for sale, its price is high – from £79,000 ($101,000/(€89,550).

Swindon Powertrain’s engineers equipped a classic Mini Cooper vehicle with the electric powertrain and upgraded the interior. The four-seater got a 24-kWh battery and 110-hp (80kW) electric motor.

The Swind E Classic Mini can go 125 miles (201km) without recharging and accelerate to max 81mph (130km/h), while acceleration from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) takes 9.3.seconds. Rather good figures for an urban car, aren’t they?

The Swind E Classic Mini stands out with instant torque, a lower center of gravity, a little weight of 720kg, enlarged 200-liter trunk and modernized cabin.

Swind E Classic Mini

Inside they added heating of leather seats and floor, of front and rear windows, new connectivity features including Apple CarPlay и Android Auto, power steering and a climate system.

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