Citroën C3 Shows its Outstanding Personalization in a New Video

Citroën continues a TV campaign with participation of the C3. A new film is available, in which the model demonstrates its strength –personalization.

Eric Judor, a French actor, filmmaker and comedian, produced the film “The Sergeant”.

This amusing video product is part of the international campaign Citroën has started this year and will keep on in 2020, supported by Mr. Judor and his agency.

Two films have been already released in 2019, this new one is the next in which the brand’s best-seller is involved.

The company launched the Citroën C3 three years ago, in November 2016. Since then, 720,000 vehicles have been sold. It is a good result proving the model’s success.

In the mentioned film, we see police officers looking for a grey Citroën C3. However, 36 combinations do not facilitate their task. The car can really boast a variety of options.

The campaign will be adapted in many countries and broadcast initially in France from December 1.

Besides, a print campaign and a Social Media package will be rolled out in addition to the 20, 25 and 30-second versions of the film.

Addition from 04.01.2020:

In 2020 Citroën is launching one more worldwide campain for the C3 Aircross SUV. Broadcast on TV from January 6 in Italy and Great Britain, a preview of the film can be seen here:

Source: Citroën

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