Chinese Maker Offers a Motorhome for Self-Isolation During COVID-19

This electric Tuk Tuk RV helps in social distancing.

A niche Chinese vehicle maker Xinge Henan Xinge Motorcycle Company sells a 1,400-pound (635 kg), 9-foot (2.74 m) long product called Xinge RV (recreational vehicle) for three occupants.

There are several version on offer, one boxier than the other, but they all are three-wheeled, in traditional RV beige color with decals on the sides. Some have roof-mounted solar panels.

This RV is fully electric and travels at speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h). A small 7.2-kWh battery powers an electric motor. There is an on-board generator and a fuel tank (once the vehicle was gasoline-powered).

Inside you’ll find a small flat-screen TV, a portable air conditioner, a minibar-sized fridge, a shower (for a top version).

The vehicle costs $4,900 and offers a discount, if you buy a fleet of 3 or more. In case you purchase 50 and more units, the company will plaster your logo on the vehicle and packaging.

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