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Chevy Silverado Will Get Multi-Function Tailgate For Next Model Year

Like the current-generation GMC Sierra, the Chevrolet Silverado will have a MultiPro tailgate for 2022. At a press conference on September 21, the carmaker will inform of the details.

In a highly competitive modern market, automotive brands have to invent the stand-out features to attract more customers. The GMC Sierra, for example, received the unique tailgate for 2019. It can flop, fold up and down, flip up, transform into a step, and move all around.

Customers like it, and soon (early next year) the Silverado will be able to boast the same. For Chevrolet, the tailgate has been dubbed Multi-Flex, and it will retain all the features of its GMC counterpart.

The Multi-Flex goes up, and goes down with the help of the key fob. It also has a secondary section spanning most of the width of the tailgate and stretching to just above the Chevrolet’s emblem.

That section fold downs, while the tailgate is upright, for longer objects to easily accommodate and be secured. An additional flap on a inner gate serves as a load stop, when deployed.

When the tailgate and the inner gate are folded down together, the inner gate acts as a step up into the bed or a place to set and rest the feet.

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