Chevrolet Tahoe Joined The Fleet Of Police In Dubai

The Dubai Police Department acquired a new petrol vehicle, and it is not a supercar. The Chevrolet Tahoe called the “Giath” has joined other cars in the garage.

Policemen boast that it is one of the most advanced police vehicles on the planet. They published the Tahoe-based cruiser photo on the police’s official Facebook page.

Its exterior has been revised to have its own unique style. The main changes are inside. The vehicle got the newest facial recognition technology for identifying individuals from the car. The cabin features a set of touchscreens to monitor vast amounts of information.

The Giath comes from W Motors, the Dubai-based company behind the Lykan Hypersport (Lebanese limited production hypercar). Safe City Group, an Abu Dhabi-based computer security company, delivered the gadgets for the Giath.

In general, there is little information about the Dubai police’s acquisition. We know that it joins other vehicles in the fleet which are mostly supercars of luxury brands, such as the Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari LaFerrari, and even some hover bikes.

Source: MotorAutority 

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