Chevrolet Sonic Discontinued, Production Ends in October

Chevrolet Sonic Discontinued, Production Ends in October

Chevrolet has confirmed it discontinues the Sonic model, both subcompact sedan and hatchback. The manufacturer plans to end production in October.

The reason is low demand. Just 4341 Chevy Sonics were sold in the first quarter of this year.

Chevrolet’s Cruze and Volt were dropped too, for the same reason. Crossovers/SUVs are gaining popularity in the USA, what cannot be said about subcompacts.

Instead of the Chevrolet Sonic, the company will focus of production of the updated Bolt EV and the upcoming Bolt EUV crossover at the Orion Township plant of General Motors.

The Bolt showed itself more in-demand than the Sonic: last year, Chevrolet sold 16,418 Bolt EVs vs 13,971 Sonics in the United States.

The carmaker introduced the Chevy Sonic in 2011 as the 2012 model. It targets young drivers. The 2020 model costs between $16,720-21,520. The car is sportier than many rivals.

It has a spacious cabin, an easy-to-use infotainment system, but the vehicle’s questionable interior quality and midling fuel efficiency keep it from leadership in the class.

Similar news has come from Fiat Chrisler Automobiles. The 2020 model year becomes the last for the Dodge Grand Caravan and Journey. Instead, FCA will focus on the Challenger, Charger and the Durango.

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