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Chevrolet Silverado EV Debuts at CES 2022 Thru Online Event

The Chevrolet Silverado EV will be revealed in online format during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022) on January 5, 2022.

The all-electric Chevrolet Silverado, which will be likely named the Silverado E, is one of the most anticipated and exciting new vehicles. In two days, the automaker will unveil it at the CES 2022. On the eve of the premiere, with the help of GM Authority, let’s remember what we know about the upcoming model.

Chevy put the electric Silverado on the BT1 platform. The company positions the new e-model both as a vehicle for work and for personal use. Fleet variants will come too. Cab and box configurations are still unclear: if there will be one or several choices.


The exterior represents the design language of the brand. The pickup does not feature a separate bed and cab due to its body-frame integral structure. Instead of removable roof panels, the Silverado E, for the first time for a GM’s pickup, offers a glass roof. Also, expect to see a Multi-Flex tailgate and a CornerStep rear bumper feature, a rear window sliding in a certain way, big wheels (possibly 24-inch ones), regenerative brakes with Regen-On-Demand, and wheels wells.

The carmaker optimized the Silverado E’s cabin for space: larger cab, more room. A horizontally-oriented, large infotainment central screen is complemented by a 12.3-inch instrument panel. Expect many cameras, including a Rear Camera Mirror and underbody cameras.


The truck got an independent suspension with coil springs. Adaptive Ride Control and Air Ride Suspension should be optional. The four-wheel steering/Crab Walk mode may be available as well.

The electric Silverado’s Ultium battery powers GM Ultium Drive motors with one-, two-, and perhaps three-motor setup. The estimated driving range is 300 – 400 plus miles depending on the configuration. We wonder which power output, depending on the motor setup, the truck will have: apparently, less than the GMC Hummer EV (up to 1000 hp), but nevertheless significant.

How much, when?

The estimated starting price of the all-electric Chevrolet Silverado could be above $35,000. Reservations, including consumer and fleer versions, should open upon the reveal of the model on Jan. 5. Accordingly, the production should start at the Factory Zero facility of General Motors in a year (early 2023), and shortly after customer deliveries begin.

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