Jaguar Talked Of Ways To Charge the I-PACE

Jaguar Talked Of Ways To Charge the I-PACE

Internal combustion engine cars have been gradually abandoned in favor of zero-emissions electric vehicles.

Use of electric energy instead of fuel significantly reduces the cost of owning a car.

The Jaguar I-PACE is one of the most popular electric models that won 66 international awards. It can be charged in several ways.

The crossover is equipped with two synchronous electric motors integrated with the front and rear axles. Their total output is 400 hp / 294 kW (700 Nm / 516 lb-ft) of torque.


Energy is stored in a rechargeable battery. The 90-kWh battery provides the driving range of 470 km / 292 mi (WLTP). It has 432 elements: 36 modules with 12 accumulators in each. The battery warranty time is 8 years or 160,000 km (99,419 miles).

Batteries can be stored at -40 °C, but before starting, they must be connected and heated to a temperature of -20 °C.

At long-lasting high or low temperatures, the EV’s driving range reduces, since energy is spent to maintain the effective operating temperature of the battery. Energy will also be needed to heat the cabin at low temperatures.

Charging ways

There are several ways for charging the I-PACE.

You can charge it “at the destination”: in shopping centers, hotels, service stations or special fast-charging points.

To continue a trip, it’s optimal to charge the vehicle to 80% in 45 min. A partial charge of 15 min is enough for 62 miles (100 km).

The charging time is limited by the specifics of chemical processes in lithium-ion batteries. So, it can take the same time to restore the remaining 20% as to recharge the first 80%.

The latest developments enable charging the car once a week.

The I-PACE is to be charged during a long trip. With a detailed map of charging stations, car owners can plan a route and the halts for recharging.

The electric car can be also recharged from a home socket (a Mode 2 charging cable is used for it) or a Jaguar Wallbox with the help of a Mode 3 cable.

The wallbox can be installed on the driveway, in the garage or in any other convenient place in the house.

The Jaguar Wallbox can be demounted and install in a new place. Charging is safe even in the snowy or rainy weather. Сar washing is permitted.

Charging modes

The Jaguar I-PACE discharges gradually and warns the driver in advance about the discharge.

The Eco Mode helps extend the driving range by identifying the systems which can be off (a climate control or windscreen heating).

There is no need to turn off the outside lighting, as the I-PACE’s LED headlamps are energy-efficient.

The Timed Charging function lets set the exact charging time using a touchscreen. This makes it possible to take advantage of lower electricity tariffs at night.

A special calculator helps calculate in details how much the owner saves on usage of the Jaguar I-PACE, compared with a regular car.

Source: Jaguar Land Rover

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