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  • New Models Coming Out This Year In Europe. Part 7

    Ferrari Daytona SP3 image

    Let‘s look at new models coming to European markets in 2022. Autocar has compiled a comprehensive list of 2022 newcomers. This time we would like to draw your attention to November arrivals. There are ten of them. The Audi E-Tron receives updates for the 2023 model year including trim enhancements, a larger 95-kWh battery, and […]

  • Honda Prologue Design Is Teased: Expect the Model In 2024

    Honda Prologue Design Is Teased: Expect the Model In 2024

    The automaker has previewed the styling of the Honda Prologue adventure-ready all-electric SUV in the first sketch. The model will be launched in the market in 2024. The all-new Honda Prologue with a neo-rugged look is the brand’s first model primarily designed through virtual reality visualization technology. The Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles and […]

  • Ford Mustang Changes Generation Next Year: What to Expect

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    The new-generation Ford Mustang will be introduced in spring 2023 as a 2024 model. A new hybrid version is possible, while an all-electric Mustang is questionable. The next 2024 Ford Mustang called ‘S650’ will have an 8-year life cycle like the current model. Car and Driver supposes a debut date could be April 17, 2023. This […]

  • Affordable Volkswagen ID.Life Arrives by 2025, What Brings?

    2021 Volkswagen ID.Life Concept Exterior

    By the mid-decade, the Wolfsburg-based carmaker will enter the small car segment with a new Volkswagen ID.Life. The car’s starting price will be around €20,000 (approx. $21,000). The other day, Volkswagen reminded the audience about this model by posting sketches on Twitter. The Volkswagen ID.Life (or speculated to be named “ID.1” when reaches showrooms) is […]

  • Kia Soul Is Launched For 2023 Model Year, At Dealers This Summer

    2023 Kia Soul image

    The Kia Soul, a compact front-wheel-drive model with a special recognizable appearance, has received significant enhancements for the 2023 model year. The model goes on sale later this summer. The 2023 Kia Soul has got fresh design elements, both interior and exterior ones, new color choices, and two optional packages. Some safety features which were […]

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