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  • Electric Cars vs Gasoline Ones: How Efficient They Are In Comparison

    Electric Cars vs Gasoline Ones

    Let’s look at the efficiency of electric cars and compare them with gasoline-powered vehicles. Are EVs as efficient as they are claimed to be? When talking about electric cars, first of all, one of their main advantages is energy efficiency, which saves money. Traditionally an EV is considered to be a good purchase in terms […]

  • How ‘Jeep Code’ Snapchat Lens Helps Buying a Jeep

    Jeep Code tech

    Now Canadians can gain a virtual shopping experience with the help of the ‘Jeep Code’ Snapchat lens. Jeep launches an innovative augmented reality technology – Jeep Code – through the Snapchat app on smartphones. Jeep’s iconic seven-slot grille is turned into a barcode, and anyone who has a smartphone with the app can come to […]

  • Ford Maverick Real Fuel Economy Is Even Better Than Official Figures

    Fuel EconomyTest of Ford Maverick Hybrid

    The 2022 Ford Maverick has proved to offer a real fuel economy of over 50 mph which is significantly more than official EPA estimates. The real-life driving experience of at least two motor enthusiasts, namely one of the bosses of Ford North America Mike Levine, and YouTuber Jason Fenske showed the Ford Maverick Hybrid is […]

  • A Handy Clutch Kit for Your High-Performance Car

    Handy Clutch Kit for High-Performance Car

    What comes in a handy clutch kit depends on what the car needs and whether you wish to change your gears. A clutch enables drivers to switch from one gear to another without any difficulty and the process is also smooth if the clutch kits you tend to use are in good condition. When you […]

  • How Do Temperatures Affect Electric Vehicle Batteries?

    Battery Pack in Electric Vehicle

    The driving range of an electric vehicle gets affected when the air temperature drops in winter or rises in summer. Which factors maximize or minimize the range? How do temperatures affect electric vehicle batteries? Let’s figure it out. According to Polestar, the charging time of an EV battery can increase in the cold weather, as […]