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Car Sales In Europe Last Month Marked The Highest June Total On Record To Date

ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers Association) have published the results of new passenger cars registrations in the European market last month and from January to June 2018.

Sales growth took place in June: +5.2% to June 2017, the highest June total on record to date. Near 1.6 mln new cars were sold in the European Union last month. Over the first half of 2018, the European passenger car market grew by 2.9% to reach 8,449,247 units.

The TOP 5 largest markets showed the following results of sales:

PositionCountryJune 18, units% change 18/17Position6 months of 2018, units% change 18/17
3United Kingdom234,945-3.521,313,994-6.3

As we can see, positive dynamics are mainly observed at the major markets of Europe, except for the UK and Italy.

As for the rest markets, the largest sales growth in June 2018 was in Sweden (+72.9%), Romania (+52.4%), Hungary (+30.6%), Croatia (+24.3%) and Greece (+24.0%). Sales most fell in Cyprus (-25.4%), Iceland (-17.4) and Ireland (‐10.6%).

From January to June 2018 the most sales growth was in Romania (+33.5%), Hungary (+29.0%), Lithuania (+24.6%), Greece (+23.7%) and Bulgaria (+22.6%). The most decline was observed in Iceland (-13.2%), Ireland (-4.5%) and Denmark (-2.5%).

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