Car Paparazzi Caught New-Generation BMW X6 M During Road Tests

Spies could shoot a camouflaged new-generation BMW X6 of M series during road tests. Judging by the pictures, the hot M version is close to the final variant, though not all details are observed.

We are able to sight a modified radiator grille, as well as contours of an on-roof spoiler. The rear LED lights are more compact now and new designed. There no round fog lights on the front bumper now, like on the new X5.

Large air intakes in the front bumper, truncated “angel-eyed” sidelights, inflated muscular wheel arches and special exhaust nozzles – all these elements are typical for the look of M SUV.

It seems the Bavarians conceal a new car body under the disguise. The new BMW crossover will have an 8-cylinder turbocharged engine with 617-hp potential comparable to the X5’s powertrain.

The new BMW X6 M should arrive to the market closer to 2020, after the debut of the regular X6 planned for 2019. In the coming months we may expect a couple of new products from BMW – the M versions of the X3 and X4.

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