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Car Models That We Won’t See In 2024

Here we’re recalling the car models for which the year 2023 is their last.

Automobiles, like people, are not eternal: their life comes to an end, and new products arrive to replace them. Some car models have objectively outlived their own, and their discontinuation conforms to the laws of nature, so to say…But there are some cool vehicles we will be missing, indeed. We’d prefer them to evolve than to be killed. Well, manufacturers have their own thoughts on this.

Here they are, the “sentenced to death” this year:


  • The Audi R8 supercar is leaving after 16 years and 2 generations.
  • Farewell, the Audi TT iconic sports car! You lasted 25 years.
    British buyers will see the Final Edition model for 2023, while the RS Heritage Edition was final for the USA.


  • Chevrolet abandons its most affordable electric car – the Bolt. Its first generation debuted in 2016 and last year the updated version arrived. Now, partly due to a massive battery-related and General Motors’ plan to move every EV to an Ultium platform, the Bolt won’t continue after 2023.
  • Though a larger Chevrolet Bolt EUV was launched only in 2022, it has become a victim of the bigger recall, stop-sale, and stop-production. Like the regular Bold, it is leaving and won’t see 2024.


Chrysler 300C 2023
2023 Chrysler 300C

The Chrysler 300 played its role and dies. The 300 marks the end of the line after this generation survived 18 years ago for the 2005 model year. In 2023, only 2,300 examples, both V6 and V8 variants, are available for shoppers.


Since Dodge moves to electrification, the company solved to kill its gas-guzzling Hellcat models including the Challenger and the Charger. In parting, the manufacturer has released “Last Call” special editions: the world’s fastest and most powerful muscle car SRT Demon 170, King Daytona Black Ghost, Super Bee, and others.


  • The Ford Fiesta left the U.S. market in 2019 but stayed on sale in Europe. Now it’s time for the nice and once popular mainstream model to say goodbye to Europeans and give place to the all-electric Ford Puma. The last Fiesta examples will roll out in June 2023.
  • Probably, this year is the last for the Ford Edge, in part due to labor disputes at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada, and the carmaker’s drifting towards pure electric vehicles. The SUV will live on in China, but in America, the Lincoln Nautilus, the Edge’s nobler cousin, will have to take the rap for two. By the way, recently the Nautilus has been overhauled for the 2024 model year.


Mercedes-Benz is simplifying its lineup…alas, at the expense of the C-Class (except for the sedan), E-Class (both cabriolet and 2-door coupe), and CLS whose production ends in August 2023.

And Else

  • The Kia Stinger sporty sedan’s production ceases in 2024. This year, the automaker introduces a limited-run Tribute Edition as an act of departure.
  • The full-size Nissan Maxima will be dead before the end of 2023.

We also won’t see any new Alpina BMW B7, Ferrari Portofino M, and the McLaren 720S models.

Source: Motor1

Upper photo: 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

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