Car Colors in America: Which Are the Most Popular?

Ford Model T was black only

Grayscale car colors are dominant on the roads in the USA.

The choice of car colors is influenced by a bunch of factors, among which are the mood of the times (the more depressive – the darker), fashion, gender, age, region, local weather conditions, practical standpoint, even religion, and God knows what else.

Multiple studies have been conducted on this theme, but the conclusions are actually the same – black and white.

More precisely, grayscale colors, namely white, black, gray, and silver, represent the overwhelming majority of vehicles on the roads. 77.1 percent of all vehicles in America today are grayscale-colored ones.

At the dawn of the automotive industry, the earliest automobiles were black-painted, since it was believed they should have resembled familiar carriages drawn by horses. Ford’s original Model T (in the photo above) was available only in black. Bright candy colors were popular for car exteriors in the 1950s and beyond.

Gender plays a role too: men prefer yellow vehicles 34 percent more frequently than women, while women choose teal (greenish) cars more often than men.

Red is a popular color for sports cars. Blue and red are hit for those customers who want to stand out from the crowd. For the same reason, rare colors, like violet, aquamarine, deep purple, or bright orange, and unusual color combinations are chosen.

To find out color distribution, analyzed over 9.4 million cars on the roads.

The most popular car colors in America, according to this study, are the following: white – 23.9%, black – 23.2%, gray – 15.5%, silver – 14.5%, red – 10.3%, blue – 9.0%, brown – 1.4%, green – 0.7%, beige – 0.4%, orange – 0.4%, gold – 0.3%, yellow – 0.2%, purple – 0.1%.

The lion’s share falls on the first 6, the remaining 7 colors account for only 3.5%.

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