Canoo Electric Pickup Unveiled: a Stand-Out Cab Design, Configurable Bed

Canoo Electric Pickup Unveiled: a Stand-Out Cab Design, Configurable Bed

A new representative will join the electric pickup segment. This time it is a snub-nosed truck from an electric vehicle startup Canoo Inc., sized as the Ford Ranger.

The vehicle will be built at a new microfactory in the USA. The maker promises to launch it on the market in the first quarter of 2023. Reservations will be taken starting from the 2nd quarter of this year.

What does the new pickup stand out with?

Canoo boss says the model’s payload is like a full-size pickup’s, and it has the turning radius of a Toyota Prius. The Canoo pickup is a potentially high-volume vehicle aimed at both individual and commercial customers.

Canoo developed it on a ‘skateboard’ – a low-rise platform able to accommodate various body types, that bundles batteries and motors with wheels, brakes and steering.

The claimed performance of the Canoo is up to 600 hp, and 550 lb-ft (746 Nm) of instant torque. The manufacturer states it is capable to cover more than 200 miles (322 km) on a single charge, and is expected to even exceed 300 miles by the launch time.

Dimensions are (length x width x height): 184x78x76 inches (4677x1980x1920 mm) or 213x87x82 inches (5400x2209x2085 mm) with bed extension, mirrors, roof rack.

The vehicle has 18-inch wheels, a 112.2 in (2,850 mm) wheelbase. The bed is 64×72 inches (1627×1817 mm) or 64×102 inches (1627×2600 mm) when extended; the bed’s depth is 21 inches or 522 mm.

The bed is the Canoo truck’s highlight with multiple configurations. It features front cargo storage area, a fold-down worktable with extendable sides to hold tools, several electrical outlets to charge devices, flip-down side tables which serve as workbenches, a built-in step with the cargo area below, other functionality.

Source: Reuters

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