Can Tesla Model S Retain Customers After Price Increase?

Tesla Model S Plaid Will Feature World’s Fastest Acceleration_photo

The base price of the Tesla Model S has risen again and now achieves $91,190 including a $1200 destination fee. How will this affect demand for the model?

We’re afraid this constant price increase makes the Tesla Model S less competitive against rivals, such as the Porsche Taycan or the Audi e-tron GT, for example.

Let’s not forget that competition from other automakers has been increasing too. EV manufacturers have been actively working, and not unsuccessfully, to make their offerings more attractive.

A number of customers currently note that despite the nice drivetrain and performance, the exterior and interior of the Tesla Model S look dated and boring. They say the quality of materials of the Model S is not on par with its status as a luxury vehicle. Besides, not everyone likes the model’s new steering wheel.

The latest base price increase to over $90,000, of course, does not add likes to Tesla. If we take into consideration a price-quality ratio, this cost is rather high even after the potential savings. The previous starting price of the Long Range Model S, which is now the base one, was just over $70,000.

The new price includes a white exterior and a black interior, 19-inch wheels. Other color choices cost $1500–$2500 extra. Optional 21-inch wheels cost $4,500.

The dual-motor AWD Model S Long Range provides the range of 405 miles (EPA est.), the top speed of 155 mph, and the 0-60 mph sprint in 3.1 seconds. Availability in March-April 2022.

A tri-motor AWD Model S Plaid starts at $131,190 (price grew by $10,000 in June). The car offers 396 miles on one charge, develops up to 200 mph, and needs 1.99 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Those who chose this version will have to wait till next January-February.

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