Can BMW i4 Become A Tesla Model S Killer?

The new electric car of BMW – i4 – is expected to own outstanding consumer qualities and a bold design. It will arrive in 2021 and have a 600-km / 373-mile driving range.

BMW, like other automakers, has been actively developing its own lineup of electric vehicles. We already know the compact i3 and the fast i8, but two models are not enough. The BMW i4 will join them..

The company is not only engaged in creation of EVs, but fundamentally changes the approach to the process of car design modeling. The BMW i3 and i8 are expensive electric cars that have high-tech components in their structure, such as carbon fiber, which costs much and is difficult to work with.

The upcoming BMW i4 will be built on the current CLAR modular platform, on which other models of the Bavarian brand are based on. This will effectively optimize the production process and reduce the cost of developing new models, including electric vehicles.

The new product is expected to appear after the BMW Vision iNext goes to series production. The i4 is positioned as an all-electric alternative to the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe. The BMW i Vision Dymanics (pictured) will likely be a basis for the new e-model.

The estimated range of the i4 is 600 km. With this figure the company hopes to challenge to the Tesla Model S.

A modification with a lower battery capacity at a more affordable price is also possible. Such a car will be able to pass 300-400 km (186-249 miles) without recharging.

One thought on “Can BMW i4 Become A Tesla Model S Killer?”

  1. The BMW i4 will not be based on an EV-specific platform, thus will not be optimized for best EV packaging like the Tesla’s are. It will not be a Model S killer.

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