Bollinger Startup Takes Orders For All-Electric B1 SUV And B2 Pickup

Bollinger Startup Takes Orders For All-Electric B1 SUV And B2 Pickup

Bollinger, a startup from the USA, has launched a pair of its peculiar retro-styled models – the B1 sport utility vehicle and the B2 pickup truck.

The both are 4-door, fully electric, all-aluminum, all-wheel-drive dual-motor off-roaders with 15-inch ground clearance.

U.S. customers can make reservations, though the prices have not been announced yet.

Production is set to start in mid-2020, with first deliveries to begin in 2021. The models are global: after America, Bollinger intends to market them overseas.

Exterior features:

  • configurable body shell;
  • removable windscreen, glass, doors, rear seats and roof panels;
  • standard 17-inch alloy wheels.
Bollinger B2 rear open image

Interior features:

  • air-conditioning;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Six 110-volt sockets;
  • analogue gauge cluster;
  • leather steering wheel.
Bollinger glass roof photo


  • payload – 5,201 lbs (2,360 kg);
  • towing capacity – max 7,500 lbs (3,400 kg);  
  • storage place under the hood – 400 liters (14 ft³);
  • 120-kWh battery pack;
  • one electric motor per axle;
  • permanent four-wheel-drive;
  • regenerative braking system;
  • output – 614 hp (452 kW);
  • torque – 906 Nm (668 lb-ft);
  • 0–60 mph acceleration – 4.5 seconds;
  • top speed – 100 mph (161 km/h);
  • range – 200 miles (322 km);
  • 220 V charging via a household socket;
  • DC fast-charging via a commercial CCS port;
  • full recharge in 75 minutes.

Bollinger B1:

  • 2-speed high- and low-range gearbox;
  • 50:50 weight distribution;
  • approach angle – 52°;
  • departure angle – 43°;
  • breakover angle – 30°;
  • transports items up to 5 m (16.4 ft) long.

Bollinger says the B1 is more capable than the new Land Rover Defender, whose wheelbase is shorter, but the breakover angle is over the B1’s. Its approach and departure angle figures are 38° and 40°, respectively.

Bollinger B1 side image

The Bollinger B1 two-door version with a short wheelbase will arrive later.

The Bolliger B2 is able to carry 72 sheets of 4 x 8.5 ft plywood, if to remove the rear seats, as well as 6 m (19.7 ft) long items.

Source: AutoExpress

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