BMW X8 Prototype Will Be Unveiled At the End of November

BMW X7 - Grill image

In the end of this month, the Bavarian automaker will introduce the BMW Concept XM previewing a large BMW X8 SUV-coupe.

On November 29, BMW will unveil a concept version of the BMW X8 that most likely demonstrates the exterior design of the future flagship, first of all. Series production is slated for December 2022.

The BMW Concept XM previews the design of the brand’s new luxury models. In the near future, the new-generation 7 Series sedan will arrive. Then, at the end of next spring, a restyled BMW X7 should land. The aforementioned BMW X8 will debut at the end of 2021.

The premiere of the BMW Concept XM will be a closed event intended primarily for potential buyers of the future model. No engine or technical information is expected at the presentation.

BMW plans to begin sales of the X8 in 2023.

We can add that sales of the current X7 are steady good both in Europe and in the United States. During three quarters of 2021, 4230 Europeans purchased the vehicle. In the USA, 16,470 X7s were sold during the same period: this is a clear thing given that Americans like large SUVs.

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