BMW X5 with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drivetrain Hit the Road

First prototypes of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT are being tested on European roads. They are based on the BMW X5.

The program of near-standard vehicle road testing provides practical experience in the use of hydrogen-fuel-cell sustainable drive technology.

The prototypes examine the effectiveness of the CO2-free drivetrain, model-specific chassis tech, and how vehicle electronics systems work together under real-life conditions.

BMW already tested the i Hydrogen NEXT’s fuel cell system, hydrogen tanks, performance buffer battery, and central control unit in many runs on test benches. Now, field testing on the roads is underway.

You can fill the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT‘s hydrogen tank within 3-4 minutes. The fuel ensures a range of several hundred miles in all weather conditions. The vehicle’s combined power output is 374 hp (275 kW). This is on par with the BMW X5’s most powerful gasoline turbo-six engine.

BMW will launch the production of small series of the i Hydrogen NEXT in late 2022.

Source: BMW

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