BMW Teases With Hot Version’s Image Of Upcoming 3-Series

The official premiere of the new BMW 3-Series is around the corner. The carmaker is teasing the public again with the next image of the upcoming model.

The teaser shows the M340i version which will top the range until the arrival of a new-generation BMW M3. The apparent changes are another shape of the brand’s dual grille and different headlights’ pattern.

Interestingly, BMW in its official press release has announced its new cars for the motor show in Paris, but the new 3 Series Sedan (G20) is not mentioned among them. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean the model will not be there.

As rumored, the M340i will get a 3-liter 360-370 hp engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission and a differential lock. The vehicle will be rear-wheel drive. The xDrive all-wheel-drive system will be optional.

The new 3-Series will be more aerodynamically efficient (0.23 drag coefficient), 55 kg lighter and get the most powerful 4-cylinder motor ever produced by BMW.

Source: BMW

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