BMW Takes Thought Of Its Own Supercar

At the beginning of 2018, BMW head of design told of intention to have a supercar in the brand’s lineup. Recently another top manager, Klaus Frolich (board member for BMW Development) has announced the same.

With the launch of the revived 8-Series, the BMW brand is closer to development of a sports car. Mr. Frolich confirmed in his interview that he was the supporter of this idea. He doesn’t exclude a supercar may appear to become a modern successor to the iconic BMW M1 coupe.

According to Mr. Frolich, the current BMW i8 hybrid coupe can be a good base for the sports car, since many hypercars like the McLaren P1 are hybrid models.

BMW has a carbon-fiber chassis for the sports car. Currently it is used in the i8 model. More powerful vehicle can be built on such a platform, with the weight less than two tons and 600 hp of capacity.

The sports car market segment is small. Although possibility of creating the sports car is being discussed, they will make (if ever make) a final decision after the project is approved by BMW finance director.

Picture: MBW M1 Hommage
Source: CarAdvice

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