BMW Introduced Special Edition Of Flagship BMW M850i Coupe

BMW has presented a special version of the flagship BMW M850i Coupe. Developers used meteorites for the interior trim.

The Night Sky edition will receive a trim from meteorites, as well as elements printed on a 3D printer. The brand’s special division responsible for individualization of BMW vehicles developed the new car.

The cabin of the model is covered with stars. This unusual effect is achieved thanks to the formation of iron-nickel crystals in meteors over 10 million years. They called such a pattern Widmanst?tten. The chairs and ceiling can now boast a relief pattern. Even the brake discs and wheels got a unique design.

A front splitter and side air intakes behind the wheels are also stand-out. The Night Sky edition got a body color with a deep non-metallic shade of black.

BMW M850i Coupe

The company emphasizes that a center console, a Start / Stop button, a gear knob and a iDrive ‘washer’, as well as door sills are encrusted with pieces of a real meteorite.

The price of this modification is still unknown. We have to wait for the official start of sales.

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