BMW iNEXT Will Be Unveiled on November 11

BMW iNEXT Will Be Unveiled on November 11

The BMW Group is presenting NEXTGen 2020 digitally. The event offers looks ahead to the future of mobility and behind the scenes at the Bavarian automaker.

The docutainment series will be available to watch worldwide in a number of languages from 4.00 p.m. CET (10 a.m. Eastern Time) on November 10 at

The BMW iNEXT’s final design will be revealed for the first time at 2.00 p.m. CET (8 a.m ET) on November 11, 2020. This is a production version of the 2018 BMW Vision iNEXT Concept (in photos).

In addition, expect world premieres of a new motorcycle from BMW Motorrad on November 11 at 10.00 a.m. CET (4 a.m. ET), and a mysterious electrified model from MINI on November 17 at 2.00 p.m. CET (8 a.m ET).

The concept car BMW earlier revealed, as well as numerous spy shots of prototypes of a road car give us a certain impression of how the BMW iNext will look like.

It will have an unconventional grille design, the two visible digital display panels, a polygonal two-spoke steering wheel with built-in optical fibers lighting up in the conditions related to the automated driving.

Being BMW’s “technology flagship,” the iNEXT will offer several electric motor configurations and battery options.

The base model will probably produce around 300 hp and cover 248 mi (400 km) on a single charge. The top version could double that power. It will provide over 373 mi (600 km) of WLTP-rated range with the largest battery pack.

Source: BMW

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