BMW iNext

BMW has commenced testing its semi-autonomous all-electric crossover – the iNext in a production body. The prototype is running at the company’s facility in Sweden.

The BMW Vision iNext Concept was unveiled in 2018 at the auto show in Los Angeles. Ahead its entry into the market in 2021, the production model, which, by the way, differs from the concept, is undergoing winter tests at BMW’s test facility in Arjeplog.

The company itself calls the iNext a new ‘technology flagship’ outside the ‘i’ electric range of the brand. The Dingolfing plant in Germany will be a place for its production from 2021.

2018 BMW Vision iNEXT Concept

The carmaker put the model on an absolutely new versatile platform suitable for various powertrains and rear-engine configuration. It will be the basis for future BMW models from 3 Series upwards. This architecture is able to incorporate autonomous technology that will eventually reach Level 5 autonomy.

BMW iNext test car

The first-to-arrive production iNext will have Level 3.

According to insiders, BMW EVs will have a driving range up to 450 miles (724km), while PHEVs run about 60 miles (97km) in electric mode.

Source: Autocar

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