BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid Ends its Product Life Cycle

BMW ceases to produce the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car 6 years after its market launch.

The BMW i8 Coupé and BMW i8 Roadster are nearing the end of their production run.

The model will take its place in the “Hall of Fame” of BMW sports cars as BMW Group’s first plug-in hybrid and the world’s most successful sports car with electrified drive.

The BMW i8 made its world debut at the IAA motor show in 2013 together with the BMW i3. The double premiere signaled a start of comprehensive electrification strategy.

At that time, the futuristic and pioneering BMW i8 laid the foundation for the BMW Group’s range of plug-in hybrid models, which is wide now. BMW established its famous eDrive technology in the iconic sports car.

The BMW i8 Coupé’s combined fuel / energy consumption figures (based on WLTP procedure) are 1.8 l/100 km (130.6 mpg US) and 14.0 kWh/100 km, respectively, CO2 emissions: 42 g/km. The BMW i8 Roadster consumes 2.0 l/100 km (117.6 mpg US) of fuel and 14.5 kWh/100 km of energy; combined CO2 emissions: 46 g/km.

BMW sold 200 000 i8s since 2014 – more than all its segment rivals. The 20,000th vehicle was produced in December 2019. Sales figures of the model are well ahead of such classic sports cars as the BMW M1 and the Z8 roadster.

The BMW i8’s global market share exceeds 50% in the segment of sports cars with electrified drive for years. The BMW i8 will maintain this leading position until the mid-April 2020, and then it finally achieves the status of the “classic of the future”, that “Auto Bild Klassik” readers gave the car just a few months after its launch.

Source: BMW

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