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BMW i7 Will Arrive With 670 Horsepower And 325 Miles Of Range

BMW tests two all-electric versions of the 7 Series with two power (battery) choices.

The BMW i7 will standardly use a 100-kWh battery and an electric motor with over 500 hp (368 kW) of output.

The higher-end i7S variant will have a 120-kWh battery and produce 670 hp (493 kW). The claimed electric driving range is near 325 miles American EPA-rated or 360 miles (579 km) according to European WLTP estimate.

For comparison: recently presented Porsche Taycan EV has a 93.4-kW battery pack.

The next-generation BMW 7 Series arrives in 2021. The 12-cylinder engines will be taken away from its motor range. A M750L modification remains, but e-badged.  

Its powertrain will include an inline-six 400-hp engine and an electric motor with combined power output of 550 hp (404.5 kW) and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque.

The forthcoming i7 models, as wells as the iX3 compact crossover will utilize the 5th-generation electric drive system capable to deliver 720 hp. BMW once told of it in details.  

This system enables to scale power outputs and all-wheel drive capability by adding or subtracting power delivery units. The same housing accommodates an electric motor, a transmission and a power control unit.

A front- or rear-wheel drive vehicle can use only one unit for efficiency and two for performance. All-wheel drive will require minimum two units, one front and one rear, but can utilize up to four ones for top performance and precise torque delivery control.

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