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BMW Development Chief Gives His Firm Response To Those Who Miss Old BMW

In his interview to journalist at the recent Paris Motor Show, BMW development chief Klaus Frohlich has given his firm and candid response to those who criticize the all-new 2019 BMW 3-Series, saying it won’t be as good as the old BMW.

It is often the case some car enthusiasts miss the old BMW car, from two generation back, and call the new BMW not as sporty as it should be.They suppose the M3 E46 CSL was the last real 3 Series, and the model produced 15-20 years ago was the last ‘good’ BMW.

The Bavarian automaker is aware of this and sick of hearing about it. According to Mr. Frohlich, the new 3-Series can beat all in the segment with its great driving dynamics. This new G20 3-Series is still the brand’s most important car, he believes.

… you can drive fast and completely relaxed. You don’t feel how fast you are. ….this car is much more valuable, it has much better materials and it is solid like a rock. From the comfort it is more like a 5- Series…..You do not only feel it in driving, you feel it in ride comfort.

Moreover, this G20 is the largest 3 Series ever, and is also the first one without a manual gearbox in the US car market.

We’d like to remind to those who considers BMW not as good as it used to be, that the brand is actively developing and trying to keep up with the times.

Lately it has done a lot. It is about electrification of the model range, the latest 5-Series, one of the best sedans in the world, as well as the recently high-scored X5; the potent latest M3, the new Z4 and 8-Series and at last the 2-Series, whose new generation is round the corner.

Source: Jalopnik

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