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BMW Again Denies To Produce Pickup Trucks

Once again, BMW has confirmed that they are not going to develop pickup trucks, since there will be insufficient demand for them.

BMW Australia’s CEO Vikram Pawah said the company had no plans for a pickup either now or in the future.

Earlier, at the October Paris Motor Show, Klaus Frolich, BMW Group’s R&D (research and development) boss, told that expensive pickup trucks did not have enough appeal for buyers to guarantee production. Indeed, the average cost of a pickup in the current market is lower than that of commensurate luxury models.

In addition, the basis for pickups is a body-on-frame structure. BMW has no such a platform. However, it is not the same with Mercedes-Benz, as it did not prevent them from borrowing the ready chassis from the Nissan Navara / Frontier for the development of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class (pictured).

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