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BMW 5 Series Got Mild-Hybrid Technology For the First Time

Economy of fuel will be almost 10 percent, a vehicle receives additional dynamics.

BMW starts to apply a mild-hybrid technology to its mass-market models. In particular, a diesel-powered BMW 520d has got this advanced system for the first time.

BMW claims the overall fuel economy is nearly 10%. However, the carmaker calls neither specific figures, nor new versions pricing.

Even if BMW exaggerates, the benefits are undeniable. This is why ‘mild-hybrids’ are currently developed by many manufacturers.

The system is available on both a sedan and a wagon, rear- and four-wheel-drive modifications.

The mild-hybrid system comprises a belt-driven starter generator that serves like a small electric motor connected to the second battery.

The voltage in such a system is 48 V. The battery accumulates the energy of regeneration, which is released during braking or when rolling.

Thanks to the mild-hybrid system, the vehicle receives extra power. It allows moving at a pedestrian speed with the internal combustion engine off, for example, in traffic jams.

It also adds dynamics during acceleration by leveling the turbo lag effect. This factor provides extra dynamics.

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