Best Pickup Trucks Of 2019 From American Experts

Best Pickup Trucks Of 2019 From American Experts

American experts ranked the best new pickup trucks available on sale in 2019. The ranking is based on several components, each model is given an overall score. Here you’ll find the latest TOP list.

U.S. News & World Report analysts make picks of the best vehicles in each car market segment. The rankings are regularly updated and based on a consensus of US top automotive experts, as well as leading safety and reliability rating sources.

The components for assessment are performance, interior, critics’ rating, safety and reliability, each has its own score from 0 to 10, compiled then to an overall score the model gains.

These rankings are a serious piece of work and may help shoppers to make a right choice.

Well, the TOP 3 best compact pickup trucks among the 2019 models are:

  1. Honda Ridgeline – 8.6 points, the highest 9.7 score for safety, priced from $29,990;
  2. Toyota Tacoma – 8.4 points, the highest score for reliability, from $25,700;
  3.  Chevrolet Colorado – 8.3 points, critics’rating of 8.9 points is the highest of other components; costs from $21,300.
Honda Ridgeline

TOP 3 full size pickup truck includes:

  1. Ram 1500 – 9.0 points, from $27,395, the highest 9.3 of critics’ rating;
  2. Ford F-150 – 8.8 points, from $28,155, the highest 9.6 for safety;
  3. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – 8.7 points, from $32,200, the highest  scores are safety and critics rating, 8.9 each.
Ram 1500

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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