Best Luxury Models Ranked By Independent Experts: Which Are They?

Best Luxury Models Ranked By Independent Experts: Which Are They?

Find here the best luxury 2019 models in eight categories according to picks made by Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports (CR) is an American nonprofit organization engaged in product ratings and reviews. This time we propose a list of the new luxury vehicles top-ranked each in its category.

The CR overall score is based on assessment of road-test performance, reliability survey results, owner satisfaction survey results, safety tests and equipment.

When customers buy expensive cars they want not to waste money and be sure their choice is right. So, the ranking like this could help shoppers in making a sound decision.

The winners are the following:

  • Luxury Entry Level – Audi A3 ($32, 500 – 49,900);
  • Luxury Compact – Audi A4 ($37,400 – 50,800);
  • Luxury Midsized – Lincoln Continental ($46,145 – 72,045);
  • Ultra Luxury Car – Mercedes-Benz S-Сlass ($91 250 – 253,550);
  • Luxury Entry Level SUV – MINI Countryman ($26,900 – 37,900);
  • Luxury Compact SUV – BMW X3 ($41,000 – 54,650);
  • Luxury Midsized SUV – BMW X5 ($60,700 – 75,750);
  • Luxury Large SUV – Toyota Land Cruiser ($84,765).

We are not surprised, and you?


Upper photo: Toyota Land Cruiser

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