Best EVs With Longest Operating Range For Money: Ranking

When making a decision to buy an electric car people look at its price, driving range, efficiency, performance, safety. A price/range ratio is crucial for choice too. Experts ranked the best EVs of the 2019 model year with the longest operating range for the money.

InsideEVs journalists picked affordable new electric vehicles taking into account their cost-to-range ratio. They divided each model’s US base manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) by the distance (number of miles) it’s rated to run on a single battery charge (until full recharging).

Tesla Model 3 is the longest range EV for the money

The results see in the table below:

Pos Model Range, miles Range, km MSRP, $ Cost-to-range score
1 Tesla Model 3 Long-Range 325 523 43,000 132
2 Hyundai Kona Electric 258 415 36,450 141
3 Kia Niro Electric 239 385 36,600 153
4 Chevrolet Bolt 238 383 36,620 153
5 Tesla Model 3 Standard 220 354 35,000 159
6 Nissan Leaf Plus 226 364 37,000 164
7 Nissan Leaf 150 241 29,990 199

So, the longest range electric car for the money with the lowest cost-to-range value is the Tesla Model 3.

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