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Best Classic Used Cars Exhibited At Large Show In Hamburg

Used cars are time-tested reliable comrades, the best of which are able to cause sincere emotions. From October 19 to 21 the Hamburg Motor Classics 2018 show was held at Hamburg Messe’s exhibition halls for the second time. This large show is the meeting place for classic car owners and enthusiasts.

The best old cars for sale were exhibited there. They all are impressive, bright, in good condition, clean and almost always good-smelling, but… not cheap.

One of the most democratic offers is the reliable and stylish Volvo 244 sedan of beautiful powdery color in the “state of the new car”. It costs just €6,500.

What do you think of a quite outrageous SAAB 900i with a mileage of 74,400 miles (120,000 km)? €9,500 can hardly be called a large amount of money. These cars are rarely in good condition, but this one is almost the best.

One of the most expensive cars presented there is the Mercedes-Benz 600 SEL with an incredible 450-hp V12 motor.

It featured the Carlsson wheels and beautiful body color, but the price of €90,000 will make your wallet thinner.

The exhibition offers excellent vehicles, such as the BMW 320i convertible priced at €16,000 (88,040 miles / 142,000 km of mileage), many cool Mercedes and even the original Ford Mustang which costs about €19,000.

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