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Best Сars For Resale: TOP 10

Have you decided to buy a new vehicle? How much will it cost in 3 years? We offer you the TOP 10 list of the best cars for resale.

The model included in the ranking are the ones which retain the highest percentage of their initial cost after 3 years of ownership, they hold their value better than any others in their categories. The North American market is taken for this research, so SUVs and pickup truck naturally dominate.

Unlike sedans, for example, a market share of large and usually all-wheel drive vehicles with a high driving seating position constantly grows.

The US car market shows this trend most clearly.

As for pickups, they remain the most popular in the USA for many years.

They are reliable and versatile, can serve either as a family car or a commercial vehicle.

 Seven pickup trucks hit the 2019 TOP 10 best vehicles which least lose in value after 3 years of ownership:

  1. Toyota Tacoma – 69.4%
  2. Toyota Tundra – 66.6%
  3. Jeep Wrangler – 66.5%
  4. Toyota 4Runner – 65.7%
  5. Porsche Macan – 65%
  6. Honda Ridgeline – 63.2%
  7. GMC Sierra – 62.2%
  8. Chevrolet Silverado – 59.8%
  9. Chevrolet Colorado – 59%
  10. Ford F-Series – 57.5%

Every mentioned vehicle retains more than 50% of its initial cost even after five years of ownership.

Based on materials of Kelly Blue Book

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