Bentley Will Launch First All-electric Car Inspired By Porsche Taycan

Bentley is thinking of a possible launch of its first all-electric car. It may be Porsche Taycan-based and arrives by 2025.

This idea is clear, taking into account that other high-end automakers have taken a course on electrification. Aston Martin will electrify its Lagonda brand, Jaguar has already introducing EVs, Ferrari is also considering the issue.

The first fully electric Bentley will be built on an Audi/Porsche platform. So, we may expect some similarity to the Taycan, at least technical. At the same time, Bentley already showcased an electric car prototype – the EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept (pictured). It was last year in Geneva.

For now we can only guess how the new Bentley EV will look like. As for the arrival time, it will likely be before 2025.

Porsche-Bentley partnership led to use of the Porsche’s rear-wheel-drive MSB architecture for the latest Continental GT, as well as the Porsche’s dual-clutch transmission adapted for Bentley, though this adaptation was rather problematic.

Apart from the challenges of integrating Porsche components, Bentley had to rework some models to comply with stricter emissions regulations. Despite these production problems and financial losses in the first half of this year, Bentley sales are expected to be record by the end of 2018.

Source: InsideEvs

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