Bentley Continental GT Hybrid Caught On Tests

The Bentley Continental GT has been taking its road tests under the paparazzi camera’s sight.

Previously they shot the new Continental GT’s sports version, now a hybrid coupe modification has drawn their attention. Under the hood of the testee there is most likely an electrified 3-liter 6-cylinder motor.

Visually the car does not differ much from the regular model, but if to look closely you can see a hatch of electric charging on the rear left wing. The fuel tank’s filler neck is located on the right wing.

There is no official information on the hybrid Continental GT, but it is rumored to get an engine from the Bentayga Hybrid borrowed in turn from the Porsche Panamera Hybrid. It’s about the 3-liter petrol turbocharged V6 with an electric motor, providing up to 50 kilometers of only-electric driving range.

The Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid’s powertrain produces 462 hp, the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turism flagship version develops 680 hp. The Continental GT Hybrid will be even more potent.

The Bentley Continental GT has been on sale since March 2018, priced from £156,700 ($204,600). It is the carmaker’s most successful car rivalling such models as the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and the Aston Martin DB11.

Source: Motor1

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