Base Tesla Model Y with Rear Wheel Drive is Coming?

Base Tesla Model Y with Rear Wheel Drive is Coming?

A reservation holder of a Tesla Model Y has informed a cheaper car is coming. Expect it in May-June 2020.

It’s a good news, indeed, but unofficial so far.

Offering a cheaper variant, the carmaker is doing the same as in the case of the Model 3. After the pricy Long Range ($52,990) and Performance ($60,990) Dual-Motor All-Wheel-Drive versions available now, a more affordable Tesla Model Y with a price tag under $40,000 follows.

Judging by Twitter posts, the upcoming rear-wheel-drive long-range modification has a driving range of 300 mi, achieves a top speed of 130 mph and accelerates from zero to 60 mph (96.6 km/h) in 5.5 seconds.  

Tesla introduced the Model Y on March 13 ahead of schedule. It shares about 75 percent of components, a platform and a 75-kWh battery with the Model 3.

Source: DaxM, InsideEvs

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