Baby Bronco Surprises With Unusual Camouflage

Baby Bronco Surprises With Unusual Camouflage

The baby Ford Bronco has been captured by spy photographers for several times. The latest shots reveal a unique piece of camouflage.

Apart from the whole silhouette, the spy photos of the Baby Bronco show some details, such as tires and suspension setup. This time, the unusual disguise has drawn attention of quick-sighted journalists of Autoblog.

It is not a convention black-and-white spotty or zebra-stripe pattern. It we look closer, we’ll see that each black circle contains a symbol for a specific outdoor activity.

Six in total could be counted: camping, skiing, canoeing, biking, hiking and mountain climbing.

What does it mean? Does Ford hint that the Bronco is designed for outdoor activity enthusiasts?

Instead of boring covers, the American automaker uses a creative approach, and it is amazing, indeed.

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