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Audi Q4 Coupe Crossover Got On Its First Tests

Audi has started testing its new model. The Q4 coupe crossover wrapped in camouflage is being run in.

Some media assume the newcomer from Audi will be called the Q3 Sportback. Indeed, the Q4 model is based on the series Audi Q3. It should premiere in the near future.

There are two spy shots for the moment at the viewer’s disposal, which give little information about the vehicle, as it is under the dense cover. But we can be sure the Q4’s body design changed a lot in comparison with the Q3.

Earlier this week, Audi’s spokesman has promised that the new coupe crossover will be something more than just a modification of the Audi Q3 and differ from other crossovers by a certain feature in design.

The camouflaged prototype can only hint at a sportier silhouette with a lower roof line. The rivals BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe have the same changes.

We’ll see after the premiere, which is due in 2019, how Audi’s series coupe crossover is close by its design to the Audi TT Offroad concept car, shown in 2014.

Audi will assemble its new model in Hungary.

Source: Motor1

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