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Audi Presents a Futuristic Off-Road AI:TRAIL Quattro Concept

At the IAA 2019 taking place these days, Audi is demonstrating a concept for sustainable mobility.

The 2019 Audi AI:TRAIL quattro four-seater unites automated driving and off-road capabilities.

New mobility concept

There are no big screens on board. Instead, the glass surrounds the vehicle’s cabin providing helicopter-style all-round visibility.

The AI:TRAIL quattro is the fourth in Audi’s range of electric-drive concept cars. It follows after the Audi Aicon, the Audi PB18 e-tron (new-named the AI:RACE) and the Audi AI:ME.

Audi presented them at different auto shows in 2017-2019. All four embody a new mobility concept with four rings.

In the future, customers will be able to order and to lease any of these models suiting their personal preferences from Audi’s on-demand vehicle pool.

Any exterior, interior, technical, infotainment options will be pre-configured online via the app or the driver details stored in the myAudi system.

Under the skin

With the AI:TRAIL Audi opens up its future vision of off-road terrain vehicles.

The model has four electric motors near the wheels (each propels one wheel directly), systems for assisted and automated driving and Audi quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

The total output is 320 kW (435 hp), the max torque is 1,000 Nm (737.6 lb-ft). The drive of just one axle is often sufficient. The vehicle can do without differentials and locks.

The gear ratio can be made such that every wheel receives enough torque even without a multi-speed transmission.

The AI:TRAIL quattro can be used in areas without charging infrastructure, so its lithium-ion battery is able to provide 400-500 km (248.5-310.7 mi) on roads or easy off-road terrain (WLTP), and 250 km (155.3 mi) on rough ground.

The top speed is 130 km/h (80.8 mph) on the road. The vehicle electronics continuously monitor the energy flow and consumption.

The electronics coordinate driving stability and traction.

Exterior features

The car is 4.15 m (13.5 ft) long and 2.15 m (7.05 ft) wide. The roof height is 1.67 m (5.5 ft). There are enormous 22-inch wheels with 850 mm (33.5 in) special-design tires. With a ground clearance of 34 cm (13.4 in), it can ford through water more than 0.5 m (1.6 ft) deep.

The body itself is one monolithic whole made of a mixture of high-tech steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. The vehicle weighs just 1,750 kg (3,858 lb). The electric drive system is arranged around the axles, the high-capacity battery pack is in the floor.

Both the windshield and the tailgate open wide and give easy access to large storage compartments.The side sills beneath the opposing doors act as retractable running boards.

Horizontal fenders are all that sit above the four wheels. The suspension is seen in action from the cockpit even during a move.

The tires with air pressure regulation contribute a further 60 mm (2.4 inches) of suspension travel.

In the cabin

The cabin itself is an extensively glazed space for up to four occupants.

Pedals, a steering wheel yoke, several buttons, a smartphone attached to the steering column as a display and a control center for functions and navigation are the interior elements for the driver to interact with the vehicle.

The seats are designed for relaxation in several ways.

Instead of conventional headlights, self-contained LED light sources sit below the A-pillars and can shine both outward and inward.


The automatically coordinated flying drones with integrated matrix LED elements serve instead of conventional low and high beams. They can illuminate surroundings and interior.

The car also has the Audi Light Companion for ambient lighting or navigating purpose when integrated with the navigation system.

The Audi AI system applied in the car provides interaction intelligence.

The Audi AI:TRAIL quattro is designed for driving on roads up to Level 4 (the second-highest automation level on a standardized international scale).

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